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Meet your BuildZoom consultant

Every project gets a dedicated project consultant. That means the same person will help you through the entire process: they’ll work with you to refine your project details, guide you through your meetings with each contractor, and help you hire the perfect fit.

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Review your personalized matches

Your personal consultant will introduce you to contractors who are local, experienced, highly reviewed, and trustworthy. We look through over 160 million building permits, 7.5 million contractor licenses, and millions of other data points to find the best contractors for each unique project.

Connect with contractors

Contractors will reach out to schedule meetings so they can put together formal estimates for your project. All your communications, notes, and documents with each contractor will be organized for you in one place on BuildZoom.

Compare & hire

Hire a contractor based on factors that are meaningful to you. We’ll provide you with unique insights you can’t get anywhere else, and your dedicated consultant will be there to help you make the final decision.

You wouldn't invest your life's savings without consulting a financial advisor, so why build without a construction consultant?

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Matches Backed by Data

We have profiles for over 4 million licensed contractors and construction permits for 175 million of their projects. Our massive dataset allows us to match you with local contractors who work in your neighborhood, have experience with your type of project, and are highly rated by customers. Learn more.

Our data is also used by:

BuildZoom’s database now contains every licensed contractor across the U.S. - over 2.5 million of them... Categorized contractor profiles are enriched using government data from state licensing boards, Better Business Bureau ratings, and more…

BuildZoom jumped into the fray by announcing that it raised $10.6 million in a round led by Formation 8. ...the Y combinator-backed startup said it will be focused on remodeling projects, where the median budget is around $19,000…

A new index compiled by BuildZoom — which identifies contractors for projects — found that renovations are running 2.8 percent above their 2005 level…

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