How long does it take to completely remodel a kitchen?

If we’re taking our kitchen completely down to the studs, and ordering custom cabinetry, how long should we expect the reno to take, start to finish?

It takes about two weeks to get the cabinets, depending on how fast your cabinet contractor is. On the construction side from the demolition to completion and assuming that everything runs pretty smoothly, it will take about a month depending your contractor as well.

There are too many variables to give an exact timeline on completing a kitchen remodel. One of the major factors is how you purchase your cabinetry. Some cabinets can have a lead time of months, some are available in a week. If you plan the whole project and pre order most your materials a kitchen remodel can range from 2-6 weeks

This all depends on the size of the space. You can have some fun and do a whole gut in a weekend, but that is the easy part. If the plumbing or electric has to be upgraded, replaced or relocated, which it often does, then the project timeline will be significantly extended. In the best case scenario, [it will take] one month if you are lucky. Realistically, two to six months should be planned for.

It depends on the cabinets mostly and installer of course.
It should take about 2-3 weeks for a standard size kitchen; some kitchens will be up to probably 6 weeks.

A full kitchen remodel should take about 3-5 weeks .
based on monday to friday work 8 am - 5 pm

It’s takes 2weeks depending on demulatoin work and cabinets of course paint and if Sub floor is level for new flooring …

There are a lot of details to consider when remodeling your kitchen. I’ll share a timeline with you that should be helpful when learning what to expect during a kitchen remodel.

Week 1- Figure out the details, plan the changes for kitchen and pick cabinet style, color and layout and begin cabinet production. This is also a good time to pick your finishes (like kitchen sink, faucet and cabinet door handles.
Week 2- Demolition, clean up, re-route plumbing and electrical as needed. You will also need to pick out countertops and flooring if you haven’t already.
Week 3- Install insulation and begin drywall. Depending on the size of kitchen your drywall will take anywhere from 2-4 days to hang, tape and finish.
Week 4- Prime drywall and prep for paint. Complete floor prep for new tile. Deliver new flooring and your finishes should start to arrive.
Week 5- Cabinet install. This will probably take 1-2 days depending on the size of your kitchen. Template for countertop fabrication and begin install of new flooring after cabinets have been installed.
Week 6- Finish flooring install, install countertops, install backsplash, have appliances delivered and hooked up along with kitchen sink and R/O install.
Week 7- Punchlist items and cleaners.

The expectation I typically set up at the beginning of the job is that the remodel can take 7-9 weeks. Common things that delay the process is flooring material not being available, special order sinks or faucets not arriving on time, the countertop fabrication taking longer than expected and the floor install taking longer than expected.

Of course this is just a general breakdown and things will change from job to job but it should get you in the right direction. A good tip to make sure you don’t have a torn apart kitchen for too long is to see how long cabinets will take and then make the job time line. Some cabinet builders want 4-6 weeks, some want 6-8 and someone might be able to do it in 2 weeks. I would build the timeline around what your cabinet maker is able to do.

Good luck on your remodel!

This kind of project usually ranges on average from 4 - 6 weeks. Although there are factors that contribute to the amount of time spent. The main factor is probably the square footage of your kitchen and design process. Another contributing factor is the purchase process of your cabinetry and flooring because there can be a delay time in the delivery. Doing the demolition is the easy part of the project which can typically be done within 2-3 days. If you need to do some electrical work or plumbing, this will usually take up at least 4-6 days. Then, of course, there is the insulation, drywall, and patching process plus the drying time of the patching which could be done in 3-4 days. After this, you have to paint (2-3 days with dry time), then put in the fixtures as well as the light switches and outlets(1 day). By the time this whole process is over then you should have your cabinets and choice of countertop ready to be installed. You should also have your kitchen appliances ready, your sink ready, and backsplash. Remember if some these materials are custom then they can have a longer delivery period. The installation of flooring could take 2-3 days and the cabinets and islands could range anywhere from 2-3 days. The backsplash could range from 1-2 days and the sink and kitchen appliances could range up to 1 day.

Standard kitchen remodeling takes 4 weeks.

All depends how big the project is also if everything is getting relocated or staying in the same location.

The work itself you are looking at around 10 days start to finish. Cabinets would have to be ordered ahead of time.

Though of course it depends on the size and type of kitchen remodel, I can safely say that an average kitchen takes between four to six weeks to remodel, not including the planning and design phase.