4410 E Glenrosa Ave

Building Permits at 4410 E Glenrosa Ave Phoenix , AZ 85018

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Permit history: (5)

Permits over time

According to the Phoenix Planning & Development, there were 5 building permits filed at this property over the past 21 years. These building permits have a valuation of $488,723.

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Highest rated contractors who worked at 4410 E Glenrosa Ave

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Oct 18, 2000
Electrical Work
Upgrade electrical service description of work: upgrade existing ses to 200a; 120/240volt; 1 phase; 3 wire service zoning....r1-6 contact:..mary 952-2549 reviewer..jbl
Valuation $1,000.00
Permit Type Residence Electrical
Status Final
Permit # RE-98022884
Project Name 94-0006006
Building type Residential Non Structural Projects
Permit Fee $65.00 paid to Phoenix, AZ
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4410 E Glenrosa Ave , Phoenix, AZ
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