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BuildZoom helps property owners navigate the pre-construction process and find the best contractors for their projects.
So much of what we enjoy is defined by the structures and spaces we inhabit every day. Beautiful and functional buildings shape how we live, work, and feel.

Yet construction is inherently complex and can feel like a logistical nightmare. For most people, it can be an extremely stressful and chaotic process. Resources aren’t always allocated in the best interest of the owner, and things often go wrong — costing extra time and money. The list of horror stories goes on and on from people who spent their life savings on a new home and had their builder walk out on the project half-way to businesses that spent months searching for a contractor and found they were not insured after an accident on-site.
We’re here to change all that. Since 2013, BuildZoom has been working to make construction faster, cheaper, and more reliable. We believe a successful project starts with proper planning and a great team. Using construction data to identify great builders, we created a network built on trust and accountability. Our project consultants and construction engineers work closely with property owners to empower them to make smart investments and hires.

At BuildZoom, we do more than build structures — we help people realize their dream homes and businesses with peace of mind, and we help local builders and designers grow their companies by meeting new clients. We are shaping the communities we build together!
BuildZoom helped connect me with reputable contractors in my area! They did their homework on the contractors which made it easier for me to feel comfortable with the process. The communication with BuildZoom along the way was great! I will use BuildZoom again on my next home improvement project.
Rebecca M
Personal project consultant for every project
BuildZoom helps property owners find the best contractors for their projects and helps them navigate the pre-construction process.
Great platform. Renovations are never easy, but having BuildZoom as a partner was a real lifesaver. They were there from the beginning, helping us source bids from contractors in the middle of a pandemic which saved us a lot of time and effort, the staff was responsive and helpful, and followed up consistently to ensure things were moving along, their contract review service was a notch above, they noticed things that were critical and really set a proper standard in this process which gave us peace of mind. I can’t imagine hiring a contractor without going through BuildZoom, it would be like driving down an interstate highway without insurance, these guys are really changing the game.
David C.
Build with peace of mind
Building or remodeling a home can be a chaotic and stressful undertaking. BuildZoom’s premium service for residential projects will empower you to reduce risks, make informed decisions, and save you money.
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