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A.W. Puma grows its business with 17 projects and $2.3M from BuildZoom
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Since actively partnering with BuildZoom, Albert Puma of A.W. Puma has seen his company evolve into a full-service firm with truly satisfied clients. In just over a year on BuildZoom, A.W. Puma has earned $2.3M from various large-scale projects, while building several valuable client and business relationships. Today, the firm’s success is still growing with BuildZoom’s active support.

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Albert Puma has been in construction in some form for the past 18 years. Beginning in vocational high school and focusing on carpentry, he practiced the trade working for other contractors while getting his business management degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston. In January 2014, he decided to open A.W. Puma in Natick, Massachusetts, with the hopes of continuing his passion for building. Since then, the firm has grown to include two project managers, Danny and Leo, who both began as carpenters for the firm. Together, Puma and his team of talented builders have focused on basic remodels, kitchen, bathrooms, decks, sunroofs, and other services.

Despite a talented team at A.W. Puma, building the company from the ground up was not easy: as in the case with many businesses, it took time for A.W. Puma to gain trust from clients and secure a reputation in the industry.

Most of our clients were from online platforms like Angi’s List. But they were usually smaller jobs like bathroom remodels. A lot of quantity, but not a lot of quality,
- Puma

Moreover, through these platforms, A.W. Puma received about 35-36 initial contacts a month, with only about 25% of the contacts following up. From there, only about 60-70% of the clients ended up closing on their project with the firm.

Before BuildZoom, 99% of our business came from platforms like these… and with lack of communication, a lot of clients and contractors end up getting the short end of the stick.
- Puma

It’s no wonder that when Puma discovered BuildZoom’s managed system for matching contractors to vetted clients, he decided to give it a shot. It didn’t take long for Puma to close their first deal. Recognizing the potential of BuildZoom, Puma reached out to a BuildZoom partner specialist to talk more in-depth. Puma discovered that BuildZoom had conveniently provided a partner specialist to take projects from clients and connect them to contractors with the right fit. Since building a relationship with Blaine, his BuildZoom partner specialist, Puma expressed that now only 10% of their projects are from Angi’s List, with around 70% coming from BuildZoom and the remaining from word of mouth.

Kitchen renovation
The jobs we get from BuildZoom are quality, bigger-scale projects… When I get a client from BuildZoom, I know that they can follow through.
- Puma

Before handing off a client to a contractor, BuildZoom has already helped the client clarify their project budget, scope, and expectations so that it’s ready to move forward. Puma continues,

I feel confident because I know the client has already refined their project with BuildZoom, so I know the project will be qualified and ready to start. Compared to what it was like before BuildZoom, this is invaluable.
- Puma

One of the firm’s larger projects from BuildZoom was a single family home conversion into a 4600-square-foot, 3-unit multi family home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. A.W. Puma completely renovated the existing structure and included a new addition with a budget of $650K. Another project sourced from BuildZoom was a condominium renovation in Boston, Massachusetts. A.W. Puma fully renovated two condos, converted them into three units, and inserted a 2-story addition. A.W. Puma also expanded into work on commercial space using BuildZoom’s connection with a project at the Lithuanian Club in Boston, Massachusetts.

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But A.W. Puma got more than just leads through BuildZoom.

It feels like BuildZoom is a partner in my business . We’re always strategizing how to grow A.W. Puma together… I know that BuildZoom cares about my business. I know that for sure.
- Puma

As in the case with A.W. Puma, BuildZoom actively helps contractors save time, money, and energy by connecting builders to project leads that will count. BuildZoom builds trust between quality builders and quality clients to get each job done. By only taking a small referral commission on projects that contractors actually win, BuildZoom empowers contractors to build their business sustainably and without up-front payments for dubious leads.


A.W. Puma’s team knows the importance of communication and trust.

Showing the client you’re there is one of the most important things in this business. So giving every client a quick turnaround is valuable… Trust is the most important thing, and BuildZoom helps us build that.
- Puma

As BuildZoom grows, it continues to be an agent of collaboration, maximizing value for contractors and clients along the way.

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