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A Hobby Barn Gets Raised with the Help of BuildZoom
Custom ADU Build Project
Nanci & Sam Rodriguez
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Nov 2020
Project Summary

Nanci and Sam Rodriguez, who live in Lathrop, California, about 60 miles south of Sacramento, wanted to expand their living space with a separate building on their lot. The goal was to have plenty of space for their hobbies. They chose a pre-engineered barn kit from Barn Pros and needed help getting the two-story 1,440-square-foot barn built.


Sam will have the bottom floor of the two-story barn, which will be an open space for his woodwork and tools. Nanci’s quilting studio will be on the upper level.

The city is requiring that we build an ‘additional dwelling unit’ (ADU) on the second floor, which is fine... I’ll have a kitchen, bathroom and wide-open loft on the second floor which will provide plenty of room for my longarm quilting machine, fabric, tables, display board and storage for all of my craft items.
- Nanci (Client)
About the Client

The couple has remodeled rooms in previous homes but this is the first time they have had land available to build a separate building. Even given their experience with other projects, they struggled to get their barn project going.

My husband does woodwork and I'm a quilter...
- Nanci (Client)
I have a longarm quilting machine that sits on a 12-foot frame. It currently sits on an 8-foot frame in one of our bedrooms, however that limits me from making larger quilts. I need a large area to cut fabric and a design wall to display the quilt blocks I make.
- Sam (Client)

Sam, who makes furniture, has a lot of tools and not enough space in the couple’s garage.

We have looked at various types of buildings and decided we wanted a barn structure... We call our project the ‘hobby barn’.
- Nanci (Client)
The Problem

Nanci and Sam say their biggest worry was whether the city would allow them to build the building, which they had dreamed of doing for years. In addition, while these prebuilt kits are great, there was still a lot of work that needed to be done. Therefore they needed a contractor to help build the kit and foundation, integrate the building into the property, and install the electrical and plumbing systems.

We made several inquiries over the period of four years, then the city building was shut down due to COVID-19 in 2020 so we started communicating with them again via email and the city's website... It was challenging not to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with them. It was difficult to find the right person to talk to and oftentimes information was conflicting.
- Nanci (Client)

The couple says the city wanted plans for the building to review, but they thought it was risky to get plans and then have the city reject them. Eventually, the Rodriguez’s purchased a barn kit and structural plans for $80,000 from Barn Pros, but then they ran into another roadblock.

House drawing
We thought we could hire a contractor on our own... I made numerous inquiries online for contract bids, however I had no responses.
- Nanci (Client)
The Solutions

A neighbor of the Rodriguez’s had a contractor working at their home who had information about BuildZoom on the side of his truck. Within days, their project was moving forward.

The most interesting thing we found about BuildZoom was how quickly things were getting done... We thought, WOW! We are really moving forward now.
- Nanci (Client)

BuildZoom found the couple qualified building contractors in less than two weeks. After the Rodriguez’s chose three contractors they preferred, BuildZoom gave the three building contractors two weeks to send in their bids for the barn project.

BuildZoom helped us to get the ball rolling on a project that we had wanted to start years ago.
- Nanci (Client)
Bid comparison
The best part about BuildZoom was the timely and efficient way we were put in contact with building contractors... I had tried on my own for months. I started looking for contractors in September of 2020 after I found the barn designs on Barns Pro and when we brought in BuildZoom in January they had qualified contractors for us within weeks.
- Nanci (Client)

The bid the couple accepted from Khb Construction was $155,000 and covers assembling the barn kit, installing a concrete foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, a sprinkler system, a three-foot wide sidewalk and possibly solar panels.

The Results

- Money saved. "BuildZoom saved us so much time, which equates in our book to money," says Nanci.

- Contractors hired. "I sent out inquiries online for months regarding building contractors and did not receive any responses," says Nanci. "BuildZoom had the resources we needed."

- Peace of mind. "We both work jobs we love and enjoy our family time...and are happy to pass the baton to professionals so we can have less stress while getting our project completed," says Nanci.

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