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Builders and Company NYC Address:
1560 East 27th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229
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Builders and Company NYC

We are a fully integrated design/build firm and general contractor servicing all 5 boroughs of NYC. Our expertise, innovative methods and stellar customer service provides our customers with an experience that will turn your dream to reality. Our philosophy centers upon an artistic approach where we take pride in our craftsmanship and bringing different materials to life that ultimately becomes your home. Hence our motto "we build your space, you build your home".

Licensed and fully insured
Commercial and residential construction
Interior design
New construction and gut renovations
Remodeling and restoration
Emergency remediation
Room additions
Carpentry and millwork
Framing and drywall
Kitchen and bath remodeling
Window and door installations
Painting and Wallpaper

From BuildZoom: Builders and Company NYC, 1560 E 27th St, Brooklyn, NY holds a General Contractor Registered license according to the New York license board.

Their BuildZoom score of 135 ranks in the top 1% of 77,888 New York licensed contractors.

Their license was verified as active when we last checked. If you are thinking of hiring Builders and Company NYC, we recommend double-checking their license status with the license board and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes.

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Builders and Company NYC Brooklyn


99th percentile
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Builders and Company NYC has a BuildZoom score of 135, which places them above 99% of 77,888 contractors in New York.


1 project
Our building permit records indicate that Builders and Company NYC has worked on at least 1 project over the past 3 years.


1 project
Value Not Public: 0 projects
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Builders and Company NYC Reviews
5 out of 5 stars, based on 6 reviews

  • By
    October 18, 2021
    Verified Hire
    Retail Renovation project

    Rob was renovating my retail store. Very easy to work with, very responsible. Everything was done better then expected and on time. Highly recommended

  • By
    January 19, 2021
    Verified Hire
    Basement Remodel project + Flooring & walls on 1st Floor

    Job - replace ceiling and walls in the basement. For this job with an empty slate, they did the best job out of all the jobs completed. They closed in ceiling water cutoff and to this day either haven’t found it NOR repaired it 1/19/2021. They closed in the indirect water heater boiler so that we had no access to it. They’ve since removed the double Sheetrock here. They added a light and a light switch to same area and fir that I’m grateful. Not sure about code tho. They didn’t cover any of their of work except for touch up painting on either floor. Floor is full of dust after they finished the basement MONTHS AGO.

    AS OF 1/19/2021 they still have MY keys and after 1 detected breaking on their behalf I’m very nervous and scared, therefore my delay in reporting.

    Job 2 - add subfloor and flooring to first floor. Add 2 rooms of ceiling lights in bedroom and dining/living room. Walls were incorrectly repaired and shortages were taking in an area that was flooded. Instead of removing portion of the wall they haphazardly made vain attempts to repair walls and evenness wasn’t detected throughout. Therefore I was quoted $4000 for the paint job. Since we agreed on a lesser charge of $1000, my walls were touched up and with certain lighting it’s evident on the ceiling and walls with different shades. Just horrible. He added crown moldings which with each piece it’s easy detectable. Forget about the baseboards, I rate them an F. Cheap and doesn’t match the walls with the lines on them. I want them removed. MY FLOORS ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE OF THE CHOICE OF FLOOR. The floors didn’t level out. There are hills or mounds. They didn’t join together correctly. He fixed the sink in the floor and added a yellow compound to bring them together since my complaint. There were areas where the floor and wall didn’t meet and holes were present. Most NOT ALL were corrected.

    THEY LEFT WITH A CERAMIC SINK ON new hardwood floor. Used my bed to store them items. Didn’t protect floor well. Of course didn’t cover furniture from the wood dust. Used a lot of my supplies. Used cheap paint or they didn’t finish painting. Left their food garbage around the home. After making complaint they left discarded food items in my backyard where it was chewed through. Left garbage in backyard for days. Only removed after complaint to owner ROB, who is a nice guy but workers seem like sub sub subcontractors. They left my doors unlocked and I could walk in w/o key. Caught the workers on break MOST times. They didn’t speak. My camera was consistently unplugged so when I was nearby I would come in and put camera back on. It kept happening. He said something about the power. That was not true because my other smart WiFi devices were working.

    GUY LOCKED HIMSELF OUT BY MISTAKE AND LOOKED INTO CAMERA AND BROKE IN. Didn’t even try to repair the door. I sent someone over to video the door so we could analyze it and we caught the coverup. Rob repaired the one glass. The 2nd glass was destroyed as well but rob didn’t address it until I did. If you’re a contractor you should have noticed the break. He correctly repaired this Nov event in Jan 2021. Worker isn’t allowed back in my home. He could have rang a bell to get back in. I have video surveillance and pictures.

    ROB did take off $200 for my trouble. ???. I would not recommend his company. HIS FLYER & presentation is great but delivery is horrible. I trusted Rob and he was apologetic but this is business and business should NOT ever operate like this. And we have reason to believe there were other damages caused to doors as a result of his worker/s. Furniture damaged and not protected.

    I have an outstanding balance of about $1k which is already prepared and is not an excuse for their behavior. I was waiting for them to finish but now I’m waiting for them to get out of my life.

    The 3 stars is for Robs desire to mediate and for his persona. The work and issues related to his workers is 3-4 for basement and 0 for repair of walls on FIRST FLOOR. 2-3 for installation on expensive hardwood floors. DONT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR HARDWOOD FLOORS.
    Installing Baseboard molding 0.
    Cleaning their mess 0.
    Help or arranging things so it’s easier to move back in 0 (removing heavy items to logical areas in the home. I.e. cabinet in tub, ceramic sink in bedroom on new expensive uncovered floors)
    taking shortcuts 5.
    Expensive 5.
    Worth the money - 0 -NAH. Workers need to be supervised. Rob did get sick... but even afterwards the work got worse.
    Stairwell - 2 ( coming apart about 2 weeks after installation) repaired but let’s see how,long this will happen. I may need a professional person to come in.

    HOW DO I GET MY KEY BACK BUILDZOOM.COM? Submit documents WHERE. SafetyFirst!!!

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  • By
    January 15, 2021
    Verified Hire
    Considered for Office Renovation

    Worked with Rob to add a wooden landing and glass door to our new office space. He was communicative, easy to work with, and most importantly, the work was beautiful. He put some extra effort into matching the wood colors to the existing floor, and the seal around the glass door was perfect.

    When there was a small issue after the installation, he had someone come the same day to fix it.

    We plan to work with Builders and Company again in the future.

  • By
    December 19, 2020
    Verified Hire
    Bathroom Remodel project

    Extremely professional, high quality work!

  • By
    November 25, 2020
    kitchen remodel

    After getting quotes from dozens of contractors I decided to go with Robert at Builders & Co because he was the most attentive in communication and fair in pricing. What started out as a general kitchen reno, grew into a substantial overhaul of my entire Brooklyn condo and Robert was fantastic helping me accomplish my last minute changes as they grew in size and scope. From permits to insurance, fit and finish, Robert took care of everything and made sure all work was done in the highest of standards! I absolutely recommend his company!!

  • By
    August 12, 2020
    Verified Hire

    Rob Milloul, owner of Builders and Company NYC, was attentive, responsive, and proactive all the way through. From the very first phone call, he spent time explaining the painting process from soup to nuts. I had no clue what was entailed in taking off wallpaper before finally being able to paint a wall (or two, or three, or in our case, four rooms).

    Rob is both personable and professional, and doesn't cut corners while making sure the client receives the best quality work. He also worked within our budgetary constraints, which was appreciated.

    The folks he hired for our job were really nice and friendly, and most important of all, dependable, reliable, and on time.

    It was a really good experience, they did a really good job, and I just can't recommend him enough. Great guy and great company all the way around.

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Notable Building Permits filed by Builders and Company NYC

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A2 - alteration type 2
Alteration type 2 - gen. constr. the purpose of this project is to refurbish existing building and to addition a horizontal extention to existing seconed floor. also adding deck at 1st fl. in rear yard. no change to use egress or occupancy
Permit #:
Permit Type:
Building Type:
B3-2 family dwelling