We're looking for people who want to tackle an enormous challenge.

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Shaping the Future of Building

We’re looking for people to join our team who have the passion and talent to tackle an enormous challenge - to revolutionize the $1.3 trillion construction industry and empower people to realize their dream homes.
We embrace unconventional solutions and foster a culture of curiosity, creativity and experimentation. We reflect on our successess and losses, and are dedicated to constant learning.
We believe our team is greater than the sum of each individual. From engineering to design to marketing, we bring together the world’s top talent to shape the future of building.

Life at BuildZoom

Together, we work hard, laugh a lot, draw lots of diagrams, and encourage each other to learn and grow. From running club to museum outings to ski trips, we share the things that inspire us.


Competitive compensation. World-class training program. Employee health, dental, and vision plan premiums paid for by the company. Generous time off. Beautiful office space. Snacks and beverages. Fun offsite events.

Creative problem solving

Where there is a big problem, we see an even greater opportunity. Improving the remodeling experience for hundreds of millions of people is a huge task, but it is often the hardest challenges that are the most rewarding.

A unique data solution

Our enormous, unique data engine provides us with new insights into the industry and is brimming with untapped possibilities.

Engage with millions of users

BuildZoom receives a million monthly users and is growing like crazy. Your efforts will have an immediate and broad impact.

We're looking for people who dream big

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