Case Study
Amir & Omar
Our service:
- Contractors connections
- Project Organization
- Bid Management
- Bid Comparison
- Bid Revisions
- Contract Negotiation
Sept 2021
Project Summary

Amir & Omar, who live in West Virgina, were looking for more contractors for the construction of their first Cold Stone Creamery location in the Round Rock & Austin TX area. The space had already been leased and they had one bid that was well over their intended budget. The goal was to help them find more qualified contractors to bid on the project and to get the price down closer to their budget. Additionally, time was also a major factor as they needed to begin construction as soon as possible to avoid paying extra rent.


Kick Off Call

Project team meets with client to learn project requirements and outline game plan

Contractor Sourcing

Team sources contractors in the BuildZoom network that would be a good fit for the project

Bid Management

PM & APM provide project documents and information to contractors and solicit bids

Bid Comparison

PM reviews and levels bids to make an accurate comparison and identifies cost saving opportunities

Bid Revisions

PM works with contractors to revise bids to include full scope of work and negotiate cost savings

Contract Negotiations

PM reviews and negotiates contract to include all necessary terms & clauses are included

Bid Comparison
Bid comparison redacted

Bid Analysis:

Leveled bids to create an apples to apples comparison

Identified missing scope items from bids

Identified high cost line items to further investigate or negotiate

Bid Revisions:

Was able to get lowest bidder to include full scope of work

Was able to get lowest bidder to reduce bid by an initial $5,000

Construction contract redacted
Valuation redacted

Contract Review & Negotiations:

Reviewed contract for all recommended terms, clauses, exhibits and requirements

Worked with contractor to revise contract and provide updated documents like COIs

Final Results

Money saved:

Estimate - Original bid Amir & Omar had was at $274k and final contract amount came to $215k

Contract - Was able to incorporate cost savings clause in final contract

Time saved:

Bidding - Scheduled contractors, managed and received 3 complete bids to analyze, and revised bids and contract all within 5 weeks

Contract - Was able to reduce initial contractor schedule from 120 days to 90 days and contractor was able to start day after contract was signed

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