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BuildZoom Building Permit Data and Analysis

Access the data platform that powers the world’s largest remodeling and construction marketplace. BuildZoom tracks and analyzes activities for over 4 million licensed contractors across the US - down to the unique project level. We also provide data on 175 million building permits by zip code, by state, and by metro area. Our national building permit database and contractor license database include both residential and commercial building permit data, and is a go-to solution for anyone seeking to analyze the construction and real estate industry or its many members.

Data Features


We collect and track over two decades of building permit data, which provides insights on over 80% of the housing stock in the top 50 major metropolitan areas; our licensure data provides insights into over 95% of US contracting businesses.


Our data pipeline is hard-wired into thousands of building departments and licensing authorities across the US, which provides our partners with the most recent and accurate information in the industry.


Millions of unstructured records from heterogenous data sources have been normalized into a clean, standardized format in our contractor, property, and building permit database.


Our proprietary matching system, connects building permit data, property data, and licensure data together to support a broad range of analytical models and building permit data analyses.

Developer Friendly

We're configured to support a variety of scalable, flexible integrations to eliminate friction and enable partners to focus their time on discovering and applying insights.


Lenders and Insurers

Our data platform provides financial and insurance professionals with unprecedented insight into the nation’s housing stock.

- Get underneath the hood of millions of residential and commercial properties by accessing decades of details on the improvements and alterations.

- Identify hidden carrying costs and liability risks associated with real estate investments by understanding the non-discretionary work that has (or hasn’t) been done to a property and evaluating the quality of service providers who have worked on a property.

- Track outcomes associated with real estate investments or insurance claims by monitoring future permitted alterations to properties.

Direct Marketers

Market to consumers based on their current real estate activities, ensuring timeliness and relevancy of your marketing efforts.

- Target homeowners based on recent activities such as the completion of a major kitchen remodel or application for a permit to change their HVAC system.

- Develop and apply predictive models based on the age and cyclicality of home components like aging roofs or mechanical systems that need to be replaced.

- Stay informed and engage with existing clients based on milestone events.

Construction Industry

BuildZoom tracks the historical and ongoing activities of the entire construction market. From large, publicly traded home builders to regional specialty contractors, BuildZoom supports a broad range of novel approaches.

- Behaviorally target contractors based on relevant milestones like the launch of a major construction project.

- Identify and market to contractors based on their overall business trajectory.

- Validate the quality & expertise of contractors and subs with in-depth details on their historical performance.

Market Analysts & Investors

BuildZoom has partnered with some of the foremost experts in the construction and real estate industry to bring new insights to the marketplace.

- Compare macro-trends in construction and remodeling across regional markets.

- Identify emerging trends and opportunities in market segments like solar, home automation and energy efficiency.

- Track and forecast the performance of publicly traded companies in the sector like SolarCity and KB Homes or analyze the real estate activities associated with large-market companies like Google and Amazon.

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