How it works
For Professionals
BuildZoom helps construction professionals get more work so they can focus on building. We partner with great professional to grow our businesses together and have aligned our incentives so we only make money when they do.
  • Only pay when you earn new contracts
  • Intelligent matching
  • Performance-based access
Our Expectations
  • Full transparency through the process
  • Follow all BuildZoom pro guidelines
  • Treat every client with respect
Why work with us?
8000+ Projects a Month
$150K+ Average Project Size a Month
We vet each client so you only work real jobs
An average of 3 introductions a month
Top firms bring in $2.5M + in jobs per year
BuildZoom is by far the best lead generation / referral service I have ever seen! They provide quality active leads in our geographic area and in our categories of expertise. The staff are ALWAYS very professional, courteous and friendly in their communications over the phone or online. The online back office (Projects Dashboard) follow up system is user friendly, efficient and thorough. The best feature of all is the fee for a referral is paid after you are hired by the customer and not before. I don’t know of any other service out there that can do that! They have definitely and unequivocally earn a 5 Star review from us every day!
TAD Homes
How it works for contractors


Use our simple application to create your business profile, tell us what jobs you want, and agree to our referral agreement.


Review Opportunities

Before you decide if you are interested in the job, we'll walk you through the project so you can decide if it's a good fit and worth your time.


Engage with new clients

We'll introduce you to the clients and tell you a little more about the project, so you can start working directly with the client.


Manage your pipeline

Our CRM will enable you to manage all pipeline opportunities and close more jobs.


Submit bids, contracts, and win contracts

Submit your bid and contracts to our system for the client to review.


Track your progress

We provide pro users with insight into a variety of key performance metrics, which provides them with clear guidance on how to get the most out of their BuildZoom experience.

Your questions answered
Lists is FAQs related to our Residential Construction Process
How do you match contractors?
We work with you to understand the type of work you want, your current capacity, and the locations you work to find you the perfect jobs. We then confirm fit from past clients and work history to ensure the project is in your strike zone.
How much does it cost to use BuildZoom?
At BuildZoom it is free to set up a profile, consider jobs, and meet with clients. We partner with contractors on a referral basis and therefore, you only pay when you have been hired for the new job.
Is BuildZoom involved during construction
BuildZoom is very involved during the hiring process and throughout preconstruction. Once the project breaks ground, you will work directly with the client.
How do I get more projects?
Perform well, be communicative, and work within our system. At BuildZoom, if you meet clients, get bids back quickly, close projects, and do great work we will make sure you get all the work you can handle.
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