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Tuscana Renovation Address:
2917 Wilson Ave
Bronx, NY 10469
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Tuscana Renovation Construction

Welcome to Tuscana Renovation! We are proudly one of the few woman owned construction companies in New York City. We specialize in bathroom, basement, and kitchen renovations. Something that sets us apart is our flexibility and honesty. We will work with you to get the most bang for your renovation buck and get the highest potential resale value. Our experienced team is European trained on old world techniques but also stays current of trends and new methods through conferences and professional development. We are working on getting additional green certification as well. We are as passionate about what we do as you are about your home. Please check out our website and facebook for additional photos and promotions.

Mary & Sokol

From BuildZoom: Tuscana Renovation, 2917 Wilson Ave, Bronx, NY (Owned by: Sokol Lucaj) holds a Renovation license and 3 other licenses according to the Environmental Protection Agency license board.

Their BuildZoom score of 105 ranks in the top 8% of 77,888 New York licensed contractors.

Their license was verified as active when we last checked. If you are thinking of hiring Tuscana Renovation, we recommend double-checking their license status with the license board and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes.

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Tuscana Renovation Reviews
4 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews

  • By
    March 11, 2021
    Kitchen remodel, smaller repair work around the home

    I have used Sokol and his team several times for projects both big and small. His first project for us was renovating our new kitchen, and we were very pleased with the results. Since that great work, I have trusted him with smaller projects around the house, which were all done well. Every time he has been professional and the work was terrific, finished on time and without headaches. He quotes reasonable prices and I never had any unpleasant surprises with the costs going above estimate. I appreciate his honesty as well, as on one occasion he could have recommended an expensive project that would have been very lucrative for him, but he recommended we skip the project as it didn't make sense. His instinct turned out to be correct and we appreciated the good advice, even if it was not in his interest to do so. We are moving and no longer will be needing a contractor, but would recommend him to the new owners of our home and to anyone else who asked.

  • By
    March 6, 2021
    Bathroom, floors, closets

    Hire them.
    Hire them.
    Hire them.
    Forget getting three quotes. Hire them and you won't have to worry. Courteous, creative, and responsive! Tuscana renovated my bathroom, installed and finished my floors, and reworked some awkward closets in my apartment. Not to mention helped me wrangle the massive amount of paperwork for my building! They worked in the vintage doors I wanted to use, which required customization and care, and they came out just as I had imagined. The woodworking he installed was top notch. I cannot recommend them enough!

  • By
    August 9, 2020
    bathroom and kitchen

    The quick demolition of the bathroom had potential for a quick finish. Cons: The project was estimated to last for 4 weeks so that we could be back home after the New Year weekend. The project ended over 1 week later than expected. After the demolition was completed in the first day, no work was done for days. We were concerned as we entered the middle of the second week and there was nothing else done. The owner, Lucaj Sokol, was initially upset when we asked if we were still gong to finish on time until he saw the lack of progress for himself. Then he explained that the foreman, Besim, that he put in place was having personal issues and he gave us too many details about the man’s wife and sleeping arrangements. We tried to be understanding because at this point, we were eager to let them finish since we have been encroaching on my parents while we stayed at their home for over 4 weeks when they were supposed to be finishing the work. Then it was Lucaj’s birthday and he explained that his wife wanted him home to celebrate so work on the delayed project was cut short. After the last payment was provided, they never returned for the touch ups they promised. These are not men of integrity and honor. List of issues: -Shower handle was placed backwards which means that if you want hot water, you were getting cold and vice versa. Lucaj insisted it was installed the right way until I showed him the photo from the manufacturer of the shower handle that showed proper installation. -In less than a day of moving in, the caulk around the tub fell off and the grout from the bathroom and kitchen floors chipped off in patches. I sent the photos to Lucaj immediately to show him the time stamp. Lucaj said he would return but he never did. The new contractor we hired indicated that the issue with the caulk and grout happens when the caulk is not properly cured. Tuscana rushed the job in the end and did not allow for proper curing. -The towel bar fell off and the new contractor we hired indicated that Tuscana did not place it properly on the stud or use a drywall anchor. -The tile installation in the bathroom was uneven and Tuscana indicated that the framing was uneven. I don’t understand because Tuscana completed the framing after the demo. -They installed closet rods at the wrong heights. Lucaj was upset that I was being “picky” until I sent him a photo that showed that the walls were marked (with black magic markers so it could not be missed) for the appropriate heights and the installer ignored it. The photos showed the absurdity of folded pants hanging in the lower closet rod and the pants were touching the floors. -I asked him to finish putting the second coat of white paint on the kitchen cabinets because there were grey splotches paint strokes in random places. When he responded to me, he raised his tone and sarcastically told me that he should just give me new cabinets. I sent him a photo of the white cabinets with uneven paint. He later apologized to explain that his worker used 2 shades of white and that’s why the colors did not match. -Our home was also covered with paint splatter and dust. I asked prior to the start of construction if they needed us to empty the space and I even purchased tarp to cover our belongings. His foreman Besim said no and that they will take care of it. This was not true. It took us another 2 weeks to clean everything before we could move back in with our 2 year old toddler. -Besim also said that they would install a shower shelf insert on the tiled wall but it was not done because Lucaj claims that he failed to communicate that to the crew. -The wrong tiles were almost installed. I asked for confirmation that the tiles purchased were porcelain and they said yes. After asking again and sending a photo, they admitted that the floor tiles were ceramic and they finally exchanged the tiles for the correct ones. -They also caused scratches on the newly installed bathroom wall cabinet. -They also scratched our front door and destroyed the door lock. It appears that they were moving something and it landed on the door knob. -They also asked for payments outside of the contract schedule and Lucaj later explained that his wife, Mary, created the budget and schedule without consulting him. I take no pleasure I writing this review to relive the stress or the fact that we paid over $20k for the headache. I’m writing this so that these “businessmen” can improve their practices and that others like me can be warned to use their services with caution. Lucaj Sokol takes no responsibility for the quality that his team completes and will easily blame them or the client for his failures to manage. I noted his name because the business name (Loyal Renovation) they initially presented to me changed by the time I signed the contract.

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  • By
    March 5, 2019
    Bath room remodel

    Sokol had wonderful, creative ideas in renovating our bathroom. His suggestions for tile were excellent and as well as his work.
    Finished project on time and on budget as promised.

  • By
    February 27, 2019
    Apartment remodel

    Tuscana Renovation for me was a contractor that I dearly needed to do my apartment.
    Sokol (owner) had a amazing team that helped me understand every step of the job.
    My apartment wasn’t the biggest but Sokol and his creative team help me design my apartment and now I believe how amazingly it came out.
    I’m definitely recommending Tuscana Renovation to my relatives and friends.

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